Moonlight MessengerName: Moonlight Messenger
Family: Avian
Level: 1750
Location: Ash Island "Halloween" Area
Information: None.
Rarity: Medium and Seasonal
Difficulty: Insanely strong and dangerous! Like a super difficult raven.

Scavenger Bird0Name: Scavenger Bird
Family: Avian
0Level: 1
Location: Nearly everywhere
0Information: Chew fallen. Pacifist. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
3Worth: 0
Difficulty: None.

Common Vulture10Name: Common Vulture
Family: Avian
25Level: 50
Location: Puddleby forests (northwest forest), Southern Puddleby Island (sasquatch valley), Kizmia's Island, Metzetli Island
20Information: Chews on fallen. Once known as simply the "vulture." [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common. (Obviously.)
55Worth: 0
Difficulty: Not dangerous unless you're already fallen. It won't attack you unless you're in the way of a fallen.

Uncommon Vulture10Name: Uncommon Vulture
Family: Avian
25Level: 65
Location: Metzetli Island (jungle and rainforest), Southern Estuary
20Information: Chews on fallen. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Medium (or 'uncommon')
55Worth: 0
Difficulty: Just like the common vulture, but with different plumage.

Foil Vulture10Name: Foil Vulture
Family: Avian
25Level: 135
Location: Southern Estuary (Undermarsh)
30Information: Worth a tremendous bounty, usually around 1000c (but varies widely). [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Exotic
60Worth: Bounty: 518 – 750
Difficulty: No stronger than a common vulture.

Rare Vulture10Name: Rare Vulture
Family: Avian
25Level: 100
Location: Southern Estuary
20Information: [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Exotic
80Worth: Bounty: 27 – 75
Difficulty: Only slightly stronger than a normal vulture.

Bloodhawk15Name: Bloodhawk
Family: Avian
60Level: 20
Location: Northeastern foothills, Greymyr mountains, many other mountains.
45Information: Fast. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
12Worth: 0
Difficulty: Their bites can be irritating to healers, because they are quite fast and swing rapidly, but they are unlikely to be a large bother unless they are in a large flock (which they often are). Darkus is measured. Histia is well estimated.

Saber Owl25Name: Saber Owl
Family: Avian
50Level: 50
Location: Kizmia's Island
20Information: Coward. May teleport and move fallen exiles to the center of the Kizmia Island cave system by rhythmically beating its wings. A similar magic is performed by orga zealots. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
55Worth: 0
Difficulty: Weak, only dangerous to fallens.

Parrot50Name: Parrot
Family: Avian
100Level: 5
Location: Southern Estuary (Undermarsh), Eastern Mountains (the Plains)
30Information: Secret use for Mystics. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Rare
60Worth: 0
Difficulty: Weak.

Gorged Gull400Name: Gorged Gull
Family: Avian
1100Level: 595
Location: Ash Island Barrens (Pumpkin Patch & Village, east of graveyard)
600Information: Eats fallen. Throws projectile (small pebble).
Rarity: Common
Difficulty: There is huge variability between Gorged Gulls, almost like Lyfelidae.

Agronox425Name: Agronox
Family: Avian
1300Level: 530
Location: Metzetli Island (rainforest canopy), Southern Estuary (Undermarsh), Eastern Mountains (Entry and Bison Plains)
425Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
475Worth: 0
Difficulty: Darkus is measured.

Lowland Hawk425Name: Lowland Hawk
Family: Avian
1300Level: 480
Location: Southern Estuary, Eastern Mountains (Entry, Bison Plains, Lower Foghaven Mountain)
450Information: None.
Rarity: Common
400Worth: Blood: 2 – 5
Difficulty: Darkus is measured.

Happy Lil' Fledgling425Name: Happy Lil' Fledgling
Family: Avian
1600Level: 650
Location: Vale of Giants
650Information: Ferals. Cannot be studied. Two spawn when a Cedar Colossus is toppled. Previously called Angry Fledgling. Cannot be mind controlled by Mystics. [Level is wildly estimated; cannot be stuffed.]
Rarity: Common
700Worth: 0
Difficulty: One of the weakest monsters in the Vale, but can be troublesome in large numbers. Stats quite roughly estimated.

Fledgling Kestrel475Name: Fledgling Kestrel
Family: Avian
2100Level: 830
Location: Eastern Mountains (Ensconcement and Lower Foghaven Mountain)
950Information: Ferals. Very strong damage dealer.
Rarity: Medium
475Worth: 0
Difficulty: One of the most deadly creatures in the Northern Bison Plains due to its high rate of damage and ability to weave through kudzu thanks to its small size. Darkus is measured.

Indigo Crowlet650Name: Indigo Crowlet
Family: Avian
1500Level: 735
Location: Gho-Wei Island Bluffs
500Information: Ferals
Rarity: Common
Difficulty: Roughly estimated

Crimsonhawk650Name: Crimsonhawk
Family: Avian
2200Level: 1070
Location: Vale of Giants
1500Information: None.
Rarity: Common
400Worth: 0
Difficulty: Stats are rough estimates.

Deathhawk700Name: Deathhawk
Family: Avian
1900Level: 1235
Location: Vale of Giants
350Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
Difficulty: Swings very quickly. Doesn't hit very hard. Darkus is measured. Other stats are guesses.

Raven750Name: Raven
Family: Avian
2400Level: 1015
Location: Eastern Mountains (Lower Foghaven Mountain)
2000Information: Each raven has a unique name (e.g. Shahana the Omen) and consequently cannot be studied. The wingbeats of the raven are highly dangerous, causing major damage to any in its vicinity. Drops a "fair" chest worth a substantial amount of coins and experience.
Rarity: Medium
1500Worth: "Fair" Chest: Around 500 coins per person [~100% chance to drop]. The "fair" chest does not split based on number of people (i.e. 2 people = chest is 1000c total; 10 people = chest is 5,000c total)
Difficulty: Need information! Numbers are rough guesses. The most dangerous creature in the area.

Indigo Ravenhawk850Name: Indigo Ravenhawk
Family: Avian
2100Level: 855
Location: Gho-Wei Island Haunted Forest and Bluffs
800Information: None.
Rarity: Common
800Worth: Nothing
Difficulty: Stats very roughly estimated.

Crookbeak Kestrel850Name: Crookbeak Kestrel
Family: Avian
2100Level: 815
Location: Eastern Mountains (Bison Plains, Ensconcement, and Lower Foghaven Mountain)
625Information: None
Rarity: Rare
680Worth: 0
Difficulty: Very difficult to hit and brick! Darkus is measured.

Mistral Kestrel950Name: Mistral Kestrel
Family: Avian
2100Level: 875
Location: Eastern Mountains (Windweft and Foghaven Glacier)
650Information: None.
Rarity: Common
850Worth: 0
Difficulty: VERY difficult to hit! Darkus is measured.

(Super) Crookbeak Kestrel1100Name: (Super) Crookbeak Kestrel
Family: Avian
2500Level: 950
Location: Eastern Mountains (Ensconcement)
1100Information: A distinct study from the regular Crookbeak Kestrel, despite having the same reported name. They are found wounded, but are otherwise indistinguishable from a normal Crookbeak Kestrel at first glance. The starting health at which they are found seems proportional to strength, i.e. one found first with green health is likely to be weaker than one found first with yellow health.
Rarity: Medium
800Worth: 0
Difficulty: The most dangerous individual creature found in the plains. Strength varies dramatically. "Average" difficulty numbers are reported here.

Lesser Astral Drake175Name: Lesser Astral Drake
Family: Drake
500Level: 300
Location: Ethereal plane
300Information: Shoots bluish lightning that bounces and hurts a tad, but nowhere nearly as dangerous as the lightning of the cloud of ether.
Rarity: Medium
200Worth: Bounty: 3 - 5
Difficulty: The weakest of the creatures uncommon to the ethereal plane.

Astral Wyrm200Name: Astral Wyrm
Family: Drake
700Level: 500
Location: Ethereal plane
400Information: A large area next to the astral wyrm is blocked by a strange barrier and the astral drake can be injured by damage to the barrier. Shoots lightning similar to that of the lesser astral drake. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Exotic
350Worth: Bounty: 1 or 2c
Difficulty: Not terribly difficult, but an odd creature due to the size it takes up.

Forest Drake200Name: Forest Drake
Family: Drake
700Level: 335
Location: Puddleby area (fields), Puddleby forests (south, northwest)
400Information: They can spit fire at exiles, but their fire will only harm those immediately in front of the forest drake's mouth.
Rarity: Rare
225Worth: 0
Difficulty: Relatively easy to hit (for such a fearsome monster!), but it makes up for its easily penetrable scales by being able to sustain many hits. Its bites are similar to those of the midnight wendecka, and much weaker than the agronox's.

Wyvern250Name: Wyvern
Family: Drake
700Level: 370
Location: Gungla Island (Land of Sarra), Metzetli Island (tepui)
300Information: Health poison. Its bites are somewhat poisonous.
Rarity: Common
300Worth: 0
Difficulty: Its bites are similar the forest drake's, although it cannot withstand as much damage, nor does it spit fire.

Fire Drake300Name: Fire Drake
Family: Drake
1100Level: 650
Location: Puddleby area (fields), Puddleby forests (south, northwest)
500Information: They will burn exiles with long ranged fire, igniting all nearby. When killed, it will explode and harm all those nearby.
Rarity: Exotic
450Worth: 0
Difficulty: Somewhat weaker than the agronox, but much stronger than the forest drake.

Frozen Drake400Name: Frozen Drake
Family: Drake
1400Level: 650
Location: Abyss 2
700Information: They will burn exiles with long ranged icy fire, igniting all others near the exile.
Rarity: Medium
1200Worth: 0
Difficulty: One of the stronger monsters in Abyss 2, particularly due to its health as it can take some time to bring down.

Monsoon Drake1000Name: Monsoon Drake
Family: Drake
0Level: 1600
Location: Gho-Wei Island Forest
0Information: Very difficult to kill as it will fly away when seriously wounded. Currently, seems to have a bug and it will neither attack nor move.
Rarity: Exotic
Difficulty: Currently, very easy as it does not swing or attack. Seems to be a bug. (Sept 2019)