Goat40Name: Goat
Family: Bovidae
50Level: 25
Location: Puddleby area (farms)
20Information: Will nibble on whatever you're carrying in your right hand. Coward. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Rare
75Worth: Blood: 1 – 4
Difficulty: Difficult to hit compared to the other creatures in the farms, but typically avoided.

Mantuan300Name: Mantuan
Family: Bovidae
1900Level: 1010
Location: Metzetli Island (jungle and tepui), Eastern Mountains (Foghaven Glacier)
1950Information: Family suspected to be bovidae, almost certain but please double-check!
Rarity: Medium (exotic on Metzetli)
1400Worth: Fur: 32 – 84 [n = 46, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Darkus is measured.

Sky Bison400Name: Sky Bison
Family: Bovidae
1550Level: 725
Location: Eastern Mountains (Bison Plains and the Ensconcement)
875Information: Super fast self healing. Ferals.
Rarity: Medium.
900Worth: Fur: 30 – 92 [n = 1024, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Self-heals super fast. Easy to take down if surrounded, but otherwise difficult to hit. All four stats are measured.

Bluff Billy Goat400Name: Bluff Billy Goat
Family: Bovidae
1600Level: 900
Location: Gho-Wei Island Bluffs
2000Information: Will push you if it hits you.
Rarity: Common
500Worth: Nothing
Difficulty: Hit extremely hard! Darkus is measured.

Mountain Goat525Name: Mountain Goat
Family: Bovidae
1850Level: 775
Location: Eastern Mountains (Lower Foghaven Mountain)
550Information: Will nibble and eat whatever you're holding in your right hand. Will push you as well. After being pushed, you can briefly not move or attack as if you are stunned.
Rarity: Medium
500Worth: Fur: 23 – 45
Difficulty: Darkus is measured.

Mountain Bison700Name: Mountain Bison
Family: Bovidae
1650Level: 735
Location: Eastern Mountains (Bison Plains and the Ensconcement)
800Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
1400Worth: Fur: 21 – 65 [n = 758, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Strong for the area. Darkus is measured.

Gruff Mountain Goat850Name: Gruff Mountain Goat
Family: Bovidae
2000Level: 845
Location: Eastern Mountains (Lower Foghaven Mountain)
1250Information: Will nibble on what you are carrying in your right hand. When it attacks, it pushes you violently. Swings slowly.
Rarity: Medium
750Worth: 0
Difficulty: Numbers are rough guesses.

Alpine Goat850Name: Alpine Goat
Family: Bovidae
1900Level: 910
Location: Eastern Mountains (Foghaven Mountain Glacier)
600Information: Will nibble on what you are carrying in your right hand. When it attacks, it pushes you violently.
Rarity: Medium
1100Worth: Nothing
Difficulty: Very annoying! And hard to take down. Darkus is measured.

Starbuck20Name: Starbuck
Family: Equine
60Level: 15
Location: Puddleby Island forests (all)
35Information: Coward. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
60Worth: Fur: 0 – 2
Difficulty: Not a great concern, since they run away from approaching exiles. They're similar in strength perhaps to an artak cougar. Darkus is measured.

Fellbuck200Name: Fellbuck
Family: Equine
800Level: 280
Location: Puddleby Wetlands
250Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
250Worth: Fur: 4 – 12
Difficulty: The strongest creature one-on-one in the wetlands, but not too dangerous, unless you're running away.

Wild Stallion525Name: Wild Stallion
Family: Equine
1700Level: 710
Location: Eastern Mountains (Bison Plains and the Ensconcement)
500Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
660Worth: Fur: 17 – 45 [n = 722, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Swings quite quickly, but it is relatively easy to take down. Defense to brick > 1550.

Sao-La Starfawn550Name: Sao-La Starfawn
Family: Equine
1700Level: 795
Location: Gho-Wei Island Haunted Forest
500Information: Ferals.
Rarity: Common
350Worth: Fur: 10 – 37 [n = 307, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Low health. Stats estimated roughly.

Starstag600Name: Starstag
Family: Equine
1700Level: 690
Location: Eastern Mountains (Bison Plains, Ensconcement)
750Information: None.
Rarity: Medium
950Worth: Fur: 17 – 53 [n = 596, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Buff and tough to take down! Darkus is measured.

Snowstag700Name: Snowstag
Family: Equine
1900Level: 755
Location: Eastern Mountains (Windweft and Foghaven Glacier)
675Information: None.
Rarity: Common
950Worth: Fur: 20 – 57 [n = 149, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Nothing special. Darkus is measured.

Sao-La Starstag750Name: Sao-La Starstag
Family: Equine
1900Level: 995
Location: Gho-Wei Island Bamboo Forest
Rarity: Common
900Worth: No fur.
Difficulty: Stats very rough.

Wild Boar40Name: Wild Boar
Family: Suidae
100Level: 150
Location: Gungla Island
50Information: Drops item. (May drop a boar hide that can be used to make a quiver.) Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Medium
100Worth: 0
Difficulty: Weak for Gungla Island.

Hell Boar450Name: Hell Boar
Family: Suidae
1500Level: 505
Location: Ash Island (City)
625Information: None.
Rarity: Common
400Worth: 0
Difficulty: One of the less dangerous creatures of the city. Darkus is measured.

Hungry Hell Boar800Name: Hungry Hell Boar
Family: Suidae
2000Level: 815
Location: Eastern Mountains (Ensconcement and Lower Foghaven Mountain)
725Information: Fast. Decently quick regeneration.
Rarity: Common
880Worth: Fur: 11 – 32 [n = 166, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Very fast and hard to avoid. While they go down relatively quickly, they can be trouble in packs and are difficult to hit. Darkus is measured.