Beehive0Name: Beehive
Family: Uncategorized
0Level: 100
Location: Eastern Mountains (the Plains)
0Information: Stationary. Does not attack. Destroying the hive results in variable numbers of bees (usually ~1-2, but sometimes 0 and sometimes more) coming out. Attacking the hive (without destroying it) does not result in bees. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Medium
250Worth: 0
Difficulty: No danger.

Bloodthorn5Name: Bloodthorn
Family: Uncategorized
15Level: 8
Location: Puddleby area (farms)
20Information: Slow. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
25Worth: 0
Difficulty: Swing quickly, but not especially dangerous even for the youngest exiles.

Voolcon50Name: Voolcon
Family: Uncategorized
0Level: 20
Location: Devil's Island (within the walled city)
0Information: They speak in a "long forgotten" tongue. Some carry staffs, some do not. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
50Worth: 0
Difficulty: They will not attack exiles.

Spriggin75Name: Spriggin
Family: Uncategorized
0Level: 55
Location: Puddleby forests (spiritwood, tree giant breeding grounds), northeastern foothills (tree giant breeding grounds).
0Information: They do not attack, but they cast magic that will sap balance from exiles and forces them into an awkward pose. They teleport while exclaiming "Watch this!" as you get close to it. Spriggin pickpockets can be recognized by different yells, among them "Wah-hoo!" when they have snatched coins from someone's purse, or by yelling "Give it up you rube!" signaling their presence. One is in the seventh circle healer's test. Thievery (pickpocket only). [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Regular spriggins are common. Pickpockets are rare.
20Worth: Bounty: 1 – 2
Difficulty: They do not attack, but are defensive enough that it requires a fighter to kill them.

Slime Monster100Name: Slime Monster
Family: Uncategorized
100Level: 260
Location: South forest slime cave
100Information: Saps balance. Splits, can slime exiles, which saps their balance and freezes them. Comes in four sizes, pictured (tiny, small, medium, large). Experience and slaughter are only valid for the tiny slime monster, the others give no "kill" message when they split apart.
Rarity: Common
100Worth: 0
Difficulty: Varies. The smallest is the weakest, the largest is the strongest.

Mantuan300Name: Mantuan
Family: Uncategorized
1900Level: 1010
Location: Metzetli Island (jungle and tepui), Eastern Mountains (Foghaven Glacier)
1600Information: Family is fairly certain to be pig, but not 100% certain. It is definitely not in its own family, however.
Rarity: Medium (exotic on Metzetli)
1400Worth: Fur: 26 – 113
Difficulty: Tremendously powerful blows--the strongest of any creature in the lands including the Greater Death. It also lands among the most accurate blows (between the Utsanna Haremau and the Sazaja), and can run down exiles with quickly enough to easily level an unprepared group.

Tipulid300Name: Tipulid
Family: Uncategorized
1000Level: 595
Location: Ethereal plane
400Information: Not ethereal.
Rarity: Medium
400Worth: Mandibles: 10 - 31
Difficulty: Somewhat stronger than the ember wyrm

Turmoil350Name: Turmoil
Family: Uncategorized
900Level: 350
Location: Geharza plane
400Information: [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
300Worth: 0
Difficulty: Vary in strength significantly; for a seventh circle fighter, they will vary from 'slaughter' to 'vanquish,' so the numbers below are a vague average.

Astral Guardian480Name: Astral Guardian
Family: Uncategorized
400Level: 360
Location: Astral plane, ethereal plane.
200Information: None.
Rarity: Common
600Worth: Bounty: 1 – 2
Difficulty: Rather difficult to hit, but very low damage and attack.

Giayl850Name: Giayl
Family: Uncategorized
2700Level: 1250
Location: Eastern Mountains (Windweft Glacier Cave)
900Information: Cannot be studied. Not possible to get family bonus. Drops item (a moon manual, semi-rare). Often drops a massive chest worth up to 10k. Shoots bouncing lightning. Can 'pathfind' through walls to avoid being cornered (though does not go far, unlike the Juliosaur). Can create a decoy (see picture--the full health Giayl). [Level is estimated; known to be higher than Mountain Greymyr.]
Rarity: Unique
1200Worth: Chest: Around 6000 coins [~50% chance]
Difficulty: Giayl is the 'boss' of the area, and can almost always be found there similar to the Amakua or Ctenizidae