Rat0Name: Rat
Family: Vermine
0Level: 2
Location: Everywhere
5Information: Chew fallen. Feral. There's a hunting challenge to kill 30 of these in 20 minutes. The reward is 10 coins, some experience, and a mounted rat trophy. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
5Worth: Fur: 0 – 1
Difficulty: Rats are what fresh off the boat exiles usually get their ranks from.

Vermine0Name: Vermine
Family: Vermine
0Level: 5
Location: Everywhere.
6Information: Feral. Most chase in straight lines, but a few rare vermine will 'feral' around. The ones that 'feral' typically have nicer furs, worth about a coin. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
5Worth: Fur: 0 – 1
Difficulty: Only slightly stronger than rats.

Large Vermine5Name: Large Vermine
Family: Vermine
20Level: 10
Location: Nearly everywhere.
10Information: Two are found in the second circle fighter's test. In south town, there is a hunting challenge to kill 30 of these in 100 minutes. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
10Worth: Fur: 1 – 2
Difficulty: The upper limit for what a fresh off the boat exile can kill by him or herself.

Fire Rat5Name: Fire Rat
Family: Vermine
10Level: 20
Location: Near most lava flows (such as Kizmia's Island depths and Devil's Island)
6Information: Chews on fallen. Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
10Worth: Fur: 1 – 2

Bat5Name: Bat
Family: Vermine
10Level: 8
Location: Almost all caves.
5Information: Chews on fallen. Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
20Worth: 0
Difficulty: Slightly stronger than a vermine.

Giant Vermine10Name: Giant Vermine
Family: Vermine
30Level: 18
Location: Nearly everywhere.
15Information: Two are found in the second circle healer's test, and one is found in the third circle fighter's test. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
15Worth: Fur: 1 – 2
Difficulty: Trouble for younger exiles, coins on legs for stronger exiles.

Death Vermine10Name: Death Vermine
Family: Vermine
80Level: 35
Location: All Orga territories
90Information: One of these is found in the third circle fighter's test. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
20Worth: Fur: 2 – 5
Difficulty: Easy to kill, but its bites hurt enough to be a bother for younger healers.

Demonic Vermine10Name: Demonic Vermine
Family: Vermine
80Level: 115
Location: Abyss, Ethereal Plane
30Information: Fast. Lucky. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
35Worth: Fur: 2 – 5
Difficulty: Similar to death vermine, but more deadly because of their rapid bites.

Snow Vermine10Name: Snow Vermine
Family: Vermine
20Level: 37
Location: Kizmia's Island glacier, Cloud
10Information: [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
25Worth: Fur: 1 – 2
Difficulty: Slightly stronger than the large vermine.

Lava Vermine10Name: Lava Vermine
Family: Vermine
60Level: 30
Location: Devil's Island
20Information: [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
30Worth: 0
Difficulty: Somewhat weaker than the death vermine, and much weaker than the identical-looking demonic vermine.

Fire Vermine10Name: Fire Vermine
Family: Vermine
60Level: 30
Location: Puddleby Forests (East forest river springs)
20Information: None. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
30Worth: 0
Difficulty: Uncertain, but probably similar to the lava vermine.

Dark Vermine25Name: Dark Vermine
Family: Vermine
80Level: 100
Location: Devil's Island, Portal Island
60Information: [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Medium.
40Worth: Fur: 3 – 7
Difficulty: Slightly stronger than regular death vermine.

Large Death Vermine30Name: Large Death Vermine
Family: Vermine
200Level: 275
Location: Orga territory (Beyond Hatreds' Hollow)
250Information: Fast. Lucky. Targets wounded. Interceptor. Large death vermine are tremendously dangerous to the unprepared.
Rarity: Medium.
100Worth: Fur: 3 – 7
Difficulty: Easy to hit and bring down, but they swing quite quickly and bite tremendously hard. They are almost always found in packs, which makes them far more deadly.

Lith Bat30Name: Lith Bat
Family: Vermine
50Level: 25
Location: A few caves, such as those off the passes in the Greymyr mountains.
10Information: Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common
40Worth: Fur: 0 – 1
Difficulty: Much more durable than the normal bat.

Cavern Rat50Name: Cavern Rat
Family: Vermine
150Level: 50
Location: Greymyr mountains, Kizmia's Island caves.
30Information: Chew on fallen. Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
140Worth: Fur: 1 – 3
Difficulty: Slightly weaker than the valley rat. Quite different from most of the other vermine.

Valley Rat60Name: Valley Rat
Family: Vermine
150Level: 80
Location: Kizmia's Island, Southern Puddleby (sasquatch valley), Metzetli Island
30Information: Chews on fallen. Ferals. [Level is estimated.]
Rarity: Common.
90Worth: Fur: 1 – 3
Difficulty: Slightly stronger than the cave rat. Not very similar to the other vermine.

Cereb Vermine75Name: Cereb Vermine
Family: Vermine
400Level: 325
Location: Orga territory (Stronghold)
250Information: Inteceptor. Targets wounded. Typically found in large packs.
Rarity: Common.
100Worth: Fur: 4 – 8
Difficulty: Not difficult individually, but much like the large death vermine, its danger is in numbers, and the ability of a pack to easily impede an exile's progress.

Large Cereb Vermine100Name: Large Cereb Vermine
Family: Vermine
700Level: 370
Location: Orga territory (Stronghold)
450Information: Inteceptor. Targets wounded. Typically found in small packs.
Rarity: Medium.
200Worth: Fur: 8 – 21
Difficulty: By far the strongest of the vermine. One-on-one, they are not too dangerous compared to other creatures in the Stronghold, but in swarms they are devastating.

Florese Vermine125Name: Florese Vermine
Family: Vermine
500Level: 470
Location: Mountain Glen
625Information: Feral.
Rarity: Common
250Worth: Fur: 15 – 41
Difficulty: Surprisingly dangerous and troublesome because they are well camouflaged with their environment (see live sketch).

Mountain Rat175Name: Mountain Rat
Family: Vermine
600Level: 210
Location: Eastern Mountains, Upper Cliffs
150Information: Chews fallen.
Rarity: Common
350Worth: Fur: 10 – 31 [n = 125, 400 skea]
Difficulty: Need Information! Numbers are rough guesses except for fur value.

Flying Foxweir300Name: Flying Foxweir
Family: Vermine
800Level: 400
Location: Metzetli Island (gloaming pass and rainforest)
400Information: Ferals wildly. Fast. Hard to surround and bring down. Usually found in small groups.
Rarity: Common
300Worth: Fur: 3 – 5
Difficulty: Quite a hassle to kill. Much stronger than any other vermine except the large cereb vermine. Can be trouble for groups because of their numbers and ability to hinder movement.

Albino Flying Foxweir325Name: Albino Flying Foxweir
Family: Vermine
900Level: 615
Location: Metzetli Island (Astrum Crypt), Eastern Mountains (Bear Caves)
450Information: Ferals wildly. Fast. Hard to surround and bring down.
Rarity: Medium
500Worth: Fur: Up to 6c (equal probability range)
Difficulty: Can be irksome for a group, and somewhat stronger than its melanin-rich cousin. However, compared to the other creatures found in the crypt, it should be no bother.

Crypt Rat350Name: Crypt Rat
Family: Vermine
800Level: 510
Location: Metzetli Island (Astrum Crypt)
225Information: Ferals. Does not appear to eat the dead.
Rarity: Medium
450Worth: Fur: 12 – 41 [n = 100, 400 skea]
Difficulty: These rats may be irritating to a group, but will put no great burden except by blocking the path of a moving exile.

Blephat450Name: Blephat
Family: Vermine
2100Level: 745
Location: Eastern Mountains Org Caves, Gho-Wei Island Mine
1000Information: Ferals.
Rarity: Common
600Worth: Fur: 4 – 29
Difficulty: Numbers are rough guesses. Hits very hard, difficult to hit unless trapped and at low balance (which is what the 450 Atkus is for; possibly even less can hit).

Dark Myotis600Name: Dark Myotis
Family: Vermine
1900Level: 1025
Location: Gho-Wei Island Haunted Forest
800Information: Area of effect of damage over time for the entire sn'ell, signified by a small feather (see live shot). Relatively low rate of damage but long effect distance.
Rarity: Medium
700Worth: Fur: 5 – 12
Difficulty: Stats very roughly estimated

Miasmic Myotis800Name: Miasmic Myotis
Family: Vermine
2500Level: 1135
Location: Ash Island Barrens (Pumpkin Patch Village)
900Information: ?
Rarity: Medium-Rare
850Worth: 0
Difficulty: Stats very wildly estimated