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December '06: MaryJane: Searchable / sortable bestiary suggestion.

Links below this point broken, and for historical interest only.

3-10-02: Wormtounge- Darshak information, Pink Lyfelidae information.
2-7-02: Fishylish- Dark Vermine stuff.
1-1-02: Fishylish- Baby Wendecka, coinage updates, arachnoid information.
11-5-01: McBain- Update on some critters, and some coinages.
10-22-01: Kodo- Told me about some out of date stuff I had.
9-24-01: Elenis Reyav- Umbrion's Guards, Repens Winder, Torched Fervor, some night Lyfelidae pictures, Cold Lyfelidae, and glacier meshra.
8-12-01: Lundar- Told me about the Elite Darshak Warship.
7-5-01: Severian, Dianus- 100 coin stinging beetle.
7-3-01: Eek- John Junkar passing third circle fighter and Forey's promotion pics.
6-25-01: Gramps- Killed a 27c Bolok Cougar.
6-18-01: Hrothgar- The Scarmis that I didn't know the name of is a Scarmis Queen.
4-23-01: Lundar- Gave me information on Wendecka skins that I missed the highest of.
4-15-01: Ugh- Killed a 31 coin Large Feral.
4-14-01: Puddleby Marine Corps and Dred Passage group- Another successful raid to the foothills, which I attended this time.
3-26-01: Keyser Soze- Killed a 28 coin Grizzly Bear.
3-24-01: Hunter and Koric- I found out information about the Large Midnight Wendecka and Midnight Wendecka from them.
2-27-01: Althea- Killed the lesser astral drake in purgatory (and sunstoned what it looked like).
1-16-01: Perkusi- Gave me the movie of her passing the fourth circle healer test.
1-16-01: Yaethir- Gave me the movie of him passing the third circle healer test. I would still like a Clan Lord version of someone passing the second circle healer test.

1-5-01: Mad Mark- Killed a Malted Bear.
1-1-01: Mad Mark- Brown Sugar Bear and Nutmeg Bear. I plan to archive this section soon too, and it'll be in the same form as the news section. Probably will be archived every 6 months from now on. Also killed a 12 coin Brown Bear.
12-27-00: Radagast- I forgot to upload the Bestiary with the Wuss included.
Mid December: Merlisk and Coeur de Lion: Information on the special bears.
12-17-00: Phineas- Told me of a Dusk Wendecka skinned for 57 coins; I'd say that's a bit!
12-3-00: Mortag- Suggesting I put a picture and a link on each creature when I add it to the news section so that people don't have to go to the bestiary and remember/use the find command to find out what the new creature is.
11-27-00: Ziff Rengar- 63 coin Sar'Noth.
11-24-00: Wormtounge- Chami Cobra information.
11-23-00: Noah- 36 coin Dire Feral.
10-30-00: Runner- Killed a 30 coin Honey Bear.
10-18-00: Relkin- Killed a 23 coin Maha Ruknee (well, he didn't, but he told me about it).
10-15-00: Papa and Ziff Rengar- Told me of a 66 coin Vel'Noth.
10-14-00: Shadrock- Told me of the Myrmidon.
10-13-00: Severian and Raiine- Raiine's Diary had a picture of the Myrmax on it, and some information about that and the Mutant Myrm. Severian gave me the rest of the information that I needed about them.
10-12-00: Ziff Rengar- Killed a Sar'Noth worth 57c. I accidentally recorded Pallidew as the Sar'Noth earlier. It's Pallidew that's 81c, not Sar'Noth.
9-30-00: Ziff Rengar- Killed a Pallidew worth 81c. He's hogging all the 'Noth records!
9-29-00: Shrug- Gave me a movie of the ROUS and Unfriendly ROUS.
9-29-00: Sleipnir- Killed a Lith Rat
9-29-00: Ippon- Killed a Cavern Rat.
9-28-00: Ziff Rengar- Killed a 66 coin Xar'Noth.
9-27-00: Kili, Ana, Severian- Information on the Ratticus.
9-23-00: Rakshasa- Gave me information on the Orga Dredlock(hehe) and the Vulcon (hehehe). Also told me of a 33 coin Savannah Maha.
9-23-00: Lint- My fourth circle fighter test was not working, please let me know if it's still not working.
9-21-00: Noah- Information on the Captain of the Guard.
9-21-00: Shrug- Gave me the film of him passing second circle fighter (In Misc films).
9-21-00: Scathach- Killed a Giant Vermine worth 16 coins.
8-28-00: Severian- Told me of the Baby and Adolescent Rages.
8-28-00: Ziff Rengar- Killed a Gar'Noth worth 46 coins.
8-27-00: Mortag- Told me of the Darshak Slave, which is an Orga, NOT a Darshak!
8-25-00: Wormtounge- Summer Artaks are harder than regular Artaks.
8-22-00: Ziff Regnar- Orga Fury only drop 20 coin chests, not 100
8-21-00: Ziff Regnar- Swamp Gas are horrible experience, and a low slaughter.
8-21-00: Ziff Regnar- Mammoth Arachne deal more damage than Web Arachne, NOT less!
8-21-00: Diomedes- Plains Maha trophies only give you 300 coins, and the trophy is named "plains maha" not "plains maha ruknee head."
8-21-00: Noah- Killed a Bolok Cougar worth 15 coins.
8-20-00: Severian- Dark Vermine spawn on the Fire Island
8-20-00: Ziff Regnar- Killed a super Gar'Noth worth 44 coins!
8-19-00: Azriel- The Sheep is named Baaa. Also, there are Carin Vipers in the New Bear Caves.
8-18-00: Runner/Medicus- Even though they do not know it, I got a picture of a 51c cinder from Runner's webpage the Rat Bastards.
8-18-00: Severian- I had the T'rool in the misc. section twice, whoops! Also, the Revoir did show up post ripture war (v75+). Also, all of the dews show up in the brambles.
8-18-00: Alchemist- Killed a nine coin Fire Rat beating my previous... 2.
8-18-00: Tarf- Information on the Snow Vermine.
8-18-00: Noah- Black rose is called Deadly Poppy. Also, I'd forgotten the space after the | on every bestiary page link to the bestiary, so I fixed tha too.
8-15-00: Noah- I'd forgotten the "male myrm" on the front page of the bestiary (though, it was on the Myrm page). He also told me I'd left out Revlis's name on the "killed a summer artak..."
8-15-00: Guess who? Noah!- Killed a Brown Feral worth 15 coins, and a Large Feral worth 22 coins.
8-15-00: Revlis- Killed a Summer Artak worth 20 coins.
8-13-00: Noah- Everything about the Darshak Beer Guard.
8-11-00: Stinkfist- Informed me that the Orga Beserker is not weaker in all ways then the Orga Berserk; it is harder to hit.
8-5-00: Noah- A TWELVE coin Giant Vermine!
8-4-00: Noah- Accidentally put the Artak Couger instead of the Summer Artak Couger on the Mammal section. I'd also forgotten to upload the Rodán Panther update of it.
8-3-00: Rakore- Killed a Giant Vermine worth 8 coins (wow!), fixed it so that it's 8 coins instead of 6 now.
7-28-00: Noah - Yep, it was Lava Walker. Also, he told me that the Orga Fury link to the Green 'Noid was broken. Also, told me that Ice Maha Ruknee is easy, and that the Snow Feral and Snow Cougar pictures were switched. I ALSO left out the Rodán Panther!
7-26-00: Noah - Gave me the information on the Groundhog.
7-15-00: Fuzzzzzz - Gave me the information on the Revoir.
7-14-00: PyroManiac - Left the Snow Vermine out of the Vermine/Abyss section, and informed me that the Orga Beserker has not been killed off.
7-14-00: WormTounge - Darshak Trooper and Spy update.
7-13-00: WormTounge - Informed me that Neodews also eat on the fallen.
7-13-00: WormTounge - Gave me a little update on the Forest Drake, Bat, and Bloodhawk.
7-13-00: WormTounge - Gave me all the information on the Darshak Spy.
7-13-00: Cinnamon - Informed me that the information after the name on the Frog was the same as on the Dragonfly/Winged Snake.
7-13-00: Noah - Gave me a film showing the Skeletal Horror and informing me of its existence. Thanks Noah!
7-12-00: Kevin - Gave information on the Kal'Noth.
7-12-00: Noah - Gave the correct spelling for the Enlighter, and informed me that the new bestiary set up doesn't work on netscape. Doh! He ALSO told me that the links do not work from this page!