Metzetli Island Puzzle

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Special thanks to Gorvin, Azriel, Yor, Fundin & PAG, Jo'Maril and TKA, PTF, Kerrah and the PsychoFens, Gil-Galad, Helios, Talin, and all the other people and groups that have helped on impromptu and organized exploration of the island.
Scroll last updated December 2014.

I, Org du Lac, have compiled here a list of the information for solving the Metzetli Island Crypt puzzle. For those of you not familiar with the puzzle, here's a brief summary:

    In the far southwest of Metzetli Island, on the tepui, there is a large temple that has an altar and several statues seen on other parts of the island. There are exile-powered doors in this temple that lead to a dangerous crypt for an unknown civilization, which is also an extremely dangerous hunting grounds. The doors to the crypt are open only temporarily, unless effort is done by hunting to maintain the facility's power. A shortcut directly to the crypt from the jungle is also accessible once the crypt has been opened directly from the tepui. The opening of this temple was first completed in January 2009 by the group Astrum Lumini. The doors were once again opened in January 2010, but the crypt was not conquered. In March 2011, the crypt was opened for the third time by Talin and company, and was phenomenally kept open for several months. There have been occasional expeditions since then.

Detailed Facts:

Clicking on points of interest below will bring up higher resolution images. Full resolution images of every area available for some regions, but the 'highlights' and slightly-lower resolution images should show enough. An up to date map can be viewed here. Thanks to Gorvin for the original, with slight edits thanks to Talin/Org to his original version.