General notes:

The bestiary is intended to be a guide, not a spoiler, but it may be a spoiler for some people. If you are one of those people, I suggest either not reading, or using the 'search' term carefully, and avoid looking at the "exotic," "rare," and "unique" monsters.

The main page of the bestiary is sorted based on the animal families, as determined by rangers. Some sections contain more than one family, which can be seen by a line through the page itself, and a different bold heading in the creature list. This is due to my arbitary determination of taxonomical similarity, and some day I may separate all families to make it more logical.

Newly discovered creatures will be added to the bestiary a few months after they are first discovered, unless it gets a ThoomCare post, in which case I will add them immediately.

Creatures have live sketches available, which can be viewed by clicking on their picture. If you would like to send in a sketch or two of your own, here is a list of creatures that do not have them.

I would also like to give thanks to these people who have helped the bestiary over the years.

Statistics notes:

Keep in mind that all creatures vary in strength from one to the next, so all numbers are approximations. The variance is rarely more than 10%, so although the numbers found in the bestiary are only approximations, there is no "exact" number that can be given. If you think a number I have listed is more than 20% off from the mean statistic, please let me know.

: Lists the amount of Atkus required to hit a creature consistently with properly timed swings.
: Lists the rough amount of total defense (Detha + Balthus) at full balance required for a creature to whiff with some consistency. Note that at full balance, one rank of Balthus is roughly 80% as effective as one rank of Detha for defense.
: Lists the rough total health of a monster. This statistic is likely to be wrong in many cases, as I am a poor judge of monsters' health. However, it can still be used as a relative guide.
: Lists the rough amount of damage dealt by a creature per swing. This does not factor in the time between swings, so a creature that swings very quickly, but for not much damage each swing, will have a smaller number than a creature that swings slowly, but with very heavy blows.

The worth value for creatures is given for the median fur, bounty, chest payout, or teeth. All values have a roughly FLAT distribution. That is, while an Ancient Darshak Liche has a median bounty of 71c, a individual Ancient Darshak Liche is equally likely to have a bounty of 5c as it is to have a bounty of 71c. If a creature drops a valuable item, that is factored into the worth.

Search notes:

Every selection you make in the bestiary is an "AND" operator. For example, if you choose the family "Orga" and the information "Drops chests," you will get only the Orga that drop chests, instead of all the Orga and all the creatures that drop chests.

Leave a field blank (or 'all') if you don't want to search by that term.


There is a limit of 60 creatures that will be displayed in any single search. If you have an issue with this for some reason, contact me and I can either send you the entire bestiary, or set up an unlimited search feature.