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8 May 2024: Monster Darkus and swing rate are now precisely measured for around 87% of the beasts found in the lands (722/828). The measurement of Atkus training required to hit a monster with a well-timed swing has been calculated for 83% of the beasts found in the lands (687/828). Histia has been fairly decently estimated (within 20%) for 47% of beasts in the lands (387/828). All the monsters in the April season "Bookfort" have now been added into the bestiary.

Spoiler warning: The information contained in the bestiary is considered a spoiler by some. This is a complete bestiary of the creatures found in the Lok'Groton island chain from the MMORPG Clan Lord.

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This site was created by, and is maintained by, HWC Org du Lac. I would like to give special thanks to Noivad for hosting the bestiary for years and keeping everything running, and to Leinis, Geotzou, and Gorvbot for help with making the bestiary quantitative. Also thanks over the years to Worf, Shakyamuni, Kalian, Himitsu, ShadowEarth, Drablak, Kani, Mork, Biro, the maintainers of Puddleopedia, and everyone else who has helped over the years.

A few key points you may want to read before going on: This home page and the news sections are out of character. The bestiary itself should be in character (there may be some unintentional slip-ups). Please also check Gil Galad's Character Tracker (works for rangers as well as non-rangers) to see how your character will fare against the monsters.

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Discord: Org du Lac

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