Specials has most of the graphics now and the wuss is now actually in the Dal'Noth section.

31 new creatures added, as well as the new Specials section, which contains weird creatures (but I left the old weird creatures in their catagory). The Wuss went into Dal'Noth and the other 30 creatures were added to specials, 29 of them being bears. No graphics here because there are way too many and the wuss is the only new graphic. I still need information on the Darshak Commodore, though it'd be creature number 331 now. [Edit: Specials and non-standard-spawn creatures have been removed, with very few exceptions, such as Bartok.]

I updated the index, then I actually posted the animated Orga Section.

299 creatures in the bestiary. If someone gives me information on the Darshak Commodore it'll be number 300. Orga section has been animated. About 450k, so watch out if you're on a slow modem.
Darshak Monk
The Darshak Monk is new.

Orga Magician
The Orga Magician is new.

New creatures! Also, I plan to archive the last year's news after December is over. Afterwards, I'll start doing a bi-monthly set. Also fixed a spelling error and an ALT mistake. My "big update" should come next weekend (hopefully).
Darshak Avenger
Darshak Avenger,
Darshak Contestant
Darshak Contestant,
Darshak Assassin
Darshak Assassin [edit: This is not the same Darshak found MUCH larger in Ash City.]
Darshak Tug
and the Darshak Tug
! 297 creatures now! Thanks to Mortag for suggesting I add pictures next to the new critters.

293 critters in the bestiary. Added Chami Cobra and Rabid Turkey.

Changed "pumpkin" to the correct name of "Jack-o-Lantern."

Fixed two maximum coinages. Scrapbook update!!!

Fixed Eek and Rakshasa's links.

Updated the picture of the week.

Added the Dark Rat. Updated Picture of the Week. Congrats to Tyndall for passing the Fourth Circle Fighter Test on the 14th (2 days after Chrono!).

Added the Myrmidon. Added links to the bestiary pages on the news, for the past few weeks.

Fixed links, added 3 critters to the bestiary, 287 now... Those critters are the Darshak Sergeant, and the Mutant Myrm and Myrmax.

Fixed the Orga Dredlock and Orga Zealot information, added a little bit else, fixed the information on the Orga Hemlock, Dredlock, and Zealot.

Fixed the corrupted Darshak Priest picture.

New index.html picture, oops, 9 days this time. I'll do it every Friday from now on. Added the ROUS, Unfriendly ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size, idea lifted from the movie, The Princess Bride), Lith Bat, and Cavern rat. 284 Creatures!

Added the Ratticus (will add the ROUSes soon). 280 creatures! Will do another image of the week tomorrow!

Fixed the Orga Zealot graphic, added the Orga Dredlock and the Vulcon. 279 creatures

Added Shrug passing second circle fighter to the films, as well as the Captain of the Guard to the bestiary. 277 creatures.

Started the Picture of the Week on the index, added the Firey Myrm to the bestiary. Once I get enough of 'em, I'll start adding them to the scrapbook. I'm kinda busy, and it's time consuming to do this.

Fixed links.

Fixed the links page a little.

Movie Section down so that I can upload updates.

Doing internal updates, but I still do not have a new server.

Added a bunch of links, fixed a couple critter coin maximum problems.

Fixed some max coinage problems on the mammals section. Also, the backgrounds for the Bestiary (except the main bestiary page) are IN. There might be a few link problems (too dark or too light) but I'll fix them tomorrow or the next day. Enjoy! Ew. Actually, the lightness problem was so ugly that I fixed it today.

Added the Carin Viper to the misc. section, and the Sheep's name is Baaa. Also, on the index from now on, when I put the Bestiary in the parenthesis, it also means that the Help page is updated too (except for the background adding). Also, I had the "snake" and the "deadly adder" in the bestiary, but both are the same creature. Deadly Adder and the Carin Viper are now in the insects.php page.

Finished the miscellaneous section. Please let me know if you know about any creatures that I do not have, I have finished all the ones that I know about. Also, fixed the spacing in the news section.

Uploaded two more pictures to the scrapbook, and I'm working on the background of it. I also fixed a few spelling errors (though, I'm keeping most of the grammatical "errors" I have on those pages). Also, I did the backgrounds for the scrapbook. I'm trying to get rid of all the "solid color backgrounds." Bestiary ones are coming.

The coinage of the summer artak goes up to 20, island panther, 11, zo detached spirit, 3. That's it, I'm lazy, I'll finish miscellaneous soon THEN I'll start on the backgrounds.

Added the "Darshak Beer Guard" to the bestiary (real critter). More work on "miscellaneous." Also added a counter on the main page.

Added the spriggin to the high level page, added the Vagile Lizards (the Herpetid, etc.) to Marsh and Beach. Began work on the "Miscellaneous." Most of the monsters in Miscellaneous will be moved to other categories eventually, and will always be the last section of the bestiary.

Added the second circle healer test and stats for each character when they passed the tests.

Added the movie section in Miscellaneous.

Wow, I'd forgotten to add the Faithless to the bestiary, found that out while going through the pictures... I'm about 3/4ths of the way done with the transparencies. Also, I'm trying to change all the "duplicate images" so that the creatures at least are in a different position. I have not done them all yet, but I'll finish it after I do the backgrounds. Uploaded the faithless part (I'd forgotten it!).
(later in the day) Whoops! I left out the Darshak Defender too! That'll be up along with the rest. Keep in mind, when I first upload the transparencies, it won't be as good since the backgrounds are too light/dark. I'll work on the backgrounds as soon as I'm finished with it. Then I work on a better difficulty system (suggested by Elenis Reyav).
(later!) Ok, I have uploaded it... please tell me if I have any mis-sized ones or broken images. I'm sure to have a few... Also, I used the CORRECT image of the Sand Ray. The other one was just an oversized version of it. By the way, the "lightening" of some of the backgrounds is just temporary so that you can see the black part of the creatures a little.
(Finished!) Ok, finally uploaded it, please tell me if you have any problems with the transparencies.
(later) Updated my links. It sure needed it! Let me know if you want to add your site to the links, or know a site that should be on there that isn't.

Fixed the Summer Artak picture (it was that of a regular Artak). Been playing Diablo II (login, OrgduLac) but I'll stll be updating this. <[> 7-31-00 (early AM)
Finished and uploaded the high level area. Now I'm working on the transparencies, then I will work on nicer backgrounds, THEN I'll finish it.

More "behind" updates. After I finish the "high small leveled areas" I'm going to work on the backgrounds and make the small (the white ones) backgrounds on the individual creatures disappear.

Finished the misc. mammals section, added the groundhog, need information on the myrm elite, need to know if the ROUS was real or just a joke on groundhog's day.

Did some more work on the misc. mammals and high level areas. I also fixed the links at the top of the individual monster librarys so that it was Bestiary followed by Scrapbook instead of the other way around which I had had it at.

Midsouth went down... took a bunch of monster pictures. Now I have all the used ones, just have to set up the last 3-4 sections.

I have been doing minor updates, but it'll take a while until I have all the sections finished. Added the Tesla and took a bunch of monster pictures. Getting ready to set up the miscellaneous mammals section.

Working on the 10th section (arachnoids) and I added an orga and a flying critter. Most of these new creatures will probably change a lot, so please inform me if I have messed up.

Found out that a few people had a problem with the way the tables are set up on netscape in the bestiary, switched to old way so that it'd work until I find out how to get it working on both netscape and internet explorer. Well, fixed it already. Nevermind!

3 new noths added, I could use any help from anyone who wants to help about adding new critters every update, I'll even add a section about "helpers" if you want =D
I went and decided to make all the links one on page, I'd been planning this for a while, but I was going to wait till I'd done the transparencies and gotten the background ready. Oh well, posted the site on the NG and felt like making it look better.

Started making the nasty white background transparent. It should all look much nicer except the sea creatues, since they have the grey water shadows.

Changed all the .jpgs in the bestiary to .gifs so that I could make their white backgrounds disappear to make the page look better. Please tell me if anything went wrong with it.

I think it'd be better if all the critter links were on one page, so I'm gonna try that. I will have it up soon enough. Basically stopped working on adding creatures so I could make the page look nice, right now. Fixed the problem that caused the big red orgas to have a messed up bottom. They all look a little different now too. Doh, just noticed that most of the Darshak pictures are not working... fixed that too. Had accidentally capitalized some of the "Darshak" link things, and it doesn't mess up when I load it just off my hard drive.

Fixed a couple capitalization errors, started working on nicer between library links.

Shoot, I spelled "bestiary" wrong. Uploading the critters pages. I know the black background is nasty, but I'll fix it soon. Whoo hoo. I decided instead of making it as perfect as I know, I decided just to upload it now. Working on the links now so that all pages link to it. (Later) Ok. I added the links. Now I'm gonna start working on nicer links between the critter pages.

Wow, I actually got to change the info on the main page. I didn't do much work today, sorry. It'll be 19 weeks before I finish doing the stuff for the last 15 critters I'm adding =D (kidding!).

I added a couple things to the 'noth list. I'm _almost_ done with the last section.

Ok, almost done. After I get the next few sections done, I'll have to be helped more, since I'm sure I have forgotten some, and I'll need to stick 'em in a catagory.

Started to work harder again. I only have one section left to finish, then I upload it, work on making it nicer, and start to do the rest of the critters.

Was on a trip, been a while since I updated, I know. I did a little, such as adding "shambling corpse" to the bestiary (I spelled this wrong earlier, just fixed it =}). You might not see it for a while, though, since I'm waiting a little longer before putting it all up.

Did very little work the last two days. Finished the first part of the third page. Two more parts and I upload the nine I have. I have got an idea of what I'll do for the links between the pages of the bestiary, but I haven't actually started it yet. Yes, I know the current links suck for it, and it'll get worse as more pages are added. Oh, I have also been thinking about redoing the links page soon. Lemme know if you want a link to your page added. Oh, I have also completely stopped the idea of a movie page. It'd take up too much space. If I ever put up movies, it'll be [redacted discussion of alts].

Started on the third page. Found out that it is spelled "Darshak" not "Darshack", doh!

Almost done with my 6th section of it. Added a link to the first three from the main page.

Did a little more on the bestiary (changed the spelling 7-3-00, apparently it's not a "beastiary").

Did a little more on Darshak library. Not going to upload anything until I have it finished.

Started working on the bestiary. Did a little work on the movie page.

Fixed a couple things. Started to work on a movie page. Will probably have it up in a a couple of weeks.

I know this page isn't wonderful, but I have just uploaded it. Right now, I'll only be updated every couple weeks to add a sketch or two. When (if) I add a journal, it'll be updated more often. I'm also working on getting a visionstone page set up. Please feel free to send any comments you have to me.