The links contained within the news archives from June 2000 through June 2007 are non-functional, and the images will be broken. This will not be fixed at any time. The news archive is only for those few (if any) with curiosities about the beginnings and creation of this bestiary.

January 2009 through December 2011
Many new areas were discovered, such as Metzetli Crypt, the Ash Barrens/Ash City, the Mountain Glen, the Puddleby Wetlands, the Mushroom Hut, the Estuary/Undermarsh, and the Horseshoe Crawler beach. No changes to the bestiary except for updates.

November 2006 through December 2008
This news details from the modernization of the bestiary up through the transfer from HTML-based (static) to database (dynamic) design. The bestiary was completely refashioned and restructured during this time, including the search feature being added, live sketches being added, and numerial statistics added for each creature.

The bestiary was completely inactive between March 2005 and November 2006.

January 2002 through March 2005
Extremely minor changes were made to the bestiary during this time.

January 2001 through December 2001
From the adduition of new Tree Giants to the newest Kizmia's Island monsters.

June 2000 through December 2000
From creation of website to the addition of the Specials section* in the Bestiary. [*Editor's note, June 2007: This section has been removed.]