Archived this. 12-01-01:
I can upload again.
Updated index. Ok, it has been a little over a month since last posted update, sorry. I also looked at some of the things I said I would do, but never did. Oh well, I will be happy if I can just keep this site up to date now.
Monsters added. Will update index in a couple days then post entire site.
Cold LyfelidaeCold Lyfelidae
Darshak War HoundDarshak War Hound
Fire BeetleFire Beetle
Repens WinderRepens Winder
Glacier MeshraGlacier Meshra
Got pictures of all the critters I'm adding as well as organizing screenshots that I'd taken, but just left and done nothing with since August. Updates should only happen once a month now, sorry.
Many behind the scenes updates. Added the Honor Guards (they look just like Tenebrion's Guards) as well as the Torched Fervor (which looks the same as the Lava Walker).
I can upload again (hosting problems the last few weeks). Update done.
I updated the index. I also updated the bestiary with mandibles for the Arachnoids and the Myrm.
The Snow and Thunder Lyfelidae got their own night graphics.
Snow Lyfelidae (night)Snow Lyfelidae (night)
Thunder Lyfelidae (night)Thunder Lyfelidae (night)
Ethereal SlugEtheral Slug
Ethereal Ripper (red)Ember Wyrm
Ethereal Ripper (Blue)Serac Wyrm
Did an update, good god. I still need Umbrion's Guards, but I did add the Elite Darshak Warship. Will do an update every 2 weeks to a month. Fixed many coinage errors.
Elite Darshak WarshipElite Darshak Warship
Updated the index. I know, I didn't update after I got back home. I still have to add the Fire Beetle and Umbrion's Guards, but I don't know enough about them right now. Please contact me if ya know about 'em! (I know the fire beetle's graphic, but that's it. I've got Umbrion's Guard's graphics, but I can't put the names to the graphics). Switched Yaethir's movie with Runner's movie, because Runner is a clan member.
Added the
Albino MahaAlbino Maha
Updated the movies section (in Miscellaneous) and the index. Out of town 7-18 through 7-24.
I created a background for the movies section! Sure, it's not all that great, but it looks a LOT better.
Added Ziff's passing of the fifth circle fighter test in the movies section. Fixed some spelling errors. I know that it's not Sunday. I wonder if I'll get back on my once a week update ever. The monster listing 1-200 difficulty will be a pain in the arse to do, I wonder if I'll find the time, or make the time, to do it. I cleaned up my extra pictures, and I also got a few more night Lyfelidae graphics. I'm still missing some, however. I will always do my best to keep the bestiary updated, however, even if I don't ever make it nicer. I have to add the Albino Maha, also, as it now spawns on Umbrion's Island. Added three new monsters, but not Umbrion's Guards:
Boma WinderBoma Winder
Crota WinderCrota Winder
Raste WinderRaste Winder
Will add the snakes and some of Umbrion's Guards on Sunday. I might find some other critters to put in. I'm out of town until Sunday.
Did a partial transplant. I'll probably delete a lot of the extra monsters (almost all that you can't put bounties on, excluding Baaa, Fenix, Bartok, and Qual, and the plants) this summer. Also, I'll finish working on things, and work on the difficulty stuff. I saw Aki fall to something new yesterday, so I'm sure I've got more things to add. Anyway, I'll have a successful fifth circle fighter test too, and, until someone passes, a failed sixth circle fighter test. Will work on a unique background for Kizmia's Island and the movie section. Oh, right, I have to add the Winders to the Kizmia section. Next week.
Many new monsters. Pink Lyfelidae, Wyrm Lyfelidae, Flower Lyfelidae, Starbuck Lyfelidae, Orgaberry Lyfelidae, Snow Lyfelidae, and the Tae-Su Lyfelidae all have 2 forms, and none have unique graphics, so go there if you want to look at them.
I'd forgotten to add the Scarmis Larva.
Scarmis LarvaScarmis Larva
The "spectre" I had listed in the Undine section wasn't a real monster, it turned out to be a portal to the top floor of Tenebrion's tower.
I also added the Forest Cobra.
Forest CobraForest Cobra
Holy shnitz. I did an update. Wow. Anyway, I added a bunch of new monsters. Also, I'll probably put in a place for Kizmia's Island monsters soon because there are like 20. Also, if you're on a slower connection, you can go to an unanimated version of the Orga section now, but I still suggest you try the animated one! There are some new snakes and Lyfelidae, but I didn't feel like adding them. The Lyfelidae will be easy to add, but I only recorded one of the snakes. Anyway, I WILL update next week. Oh, I might do the slaughter chart mentioned earlier, but I'll most definitely do a 1-200 "difficulty" number, as my difficulty things are all relative. I'll still leave the current ones, but I'll add a number, so you know what it's related to.
Scarmis ForagerScarmis Forager
Scarmis WarriorScarmis Warrior
Scarmis AttendantScarmis Attendant
Scarmis QueenScarmis Queen
Cloud of EtherCloud of Ether
Argh. I still have to add the Unnamed monsters and others. I can start working on the page more in mid-June. I'll fix a bunch of things and start doing weekly updates again. Also, I've got to thing of something to commemorate Runner and Gandor Durin, two very good friends of mine, who have just recently left Clan Lord. I'm not really as busy as I say I am. I'm busy, but I'm so very lazy. Argh! Anyway, I've got pictures of the unnamed monsters; I just don't have what section or anything written up about them.
Ugh. At least it hasn't been three weeks this time. I've got about 5 monsters (4 types of Unnamed ones) to add to the bestiary. I'll add them "soon," hopefully next week. I hadn't done an update in so long, though. I've really got to get back into the habit of this. I guess I'll start doing more when the summer comes around.
I know it has been a long time, sorry. I've been VERY busy. I'm very busy this week, too. I'm very glad there haven't been many updates needed.
The Féral's name was changed to Grey Feral. The main page was updated, the other months' news was archived. Added three more monsters to the bestiary. By the way, I know that the Darshak Priest/Necromancer image is corrupt. I really know what the problem with that image is, as this is the second time that has happened. Also, I'll be in San Francisco all of next week (4-7 through 4-14), so I won't be doing an update then. During the summer, I will finish all of the backgrounds, and I will also begin working on a "slaughter chart" in which I list the order in which an average creature is slaughtered before the other. I will start with the rat and work downwards.
Ash GiantAsh Giant,
Redwood GiantRedwood Giant,
Ironwood GiantIronwood Giant.
Ah! Two more monsters that I wasn't expecting to be able to add have been added, the
Midnight WendeckaMidnight Wendecka, and the
Large Midnight WendeckaLarge Midnight Wendecka.
Also, the
Fire BubbleFiery Bubble,
Harvest LyfelidaeHarvest Lyfelidae,
Hunter's/Thunder LyfelidaeHunter's Lyfelidae (Flower Lyfelidae, too), and the
Blue LyfelidaeBlue Lyfelidae.
Got a real second circle healer test movie. Index updated. Bestiary hopefully updated tomorrow. Lots of monster to add, but I only know everything about a few, so I'll wait on the others for a bit.
Updated the index and the bestiary. Added the
Forest ChamelopodForest Chamelopod.
Updated the index. Unfortunately, my last update hasn't been updated yet, either. Dang!
Yeah, yeah. I was very lazy. Links updated. Well, at least the updates went in. I'm finally back on my real computer. Oh, also I may delete the "specials" section of the bestiary soon. A new NPC allows player to put bounties on any real monster, and I may delete ALL monsters that are not real. All monsters that are not real must be GM spawned and are NOT able to be spawned again unless a GM enters the same name again. Monsters with unique graphics and/or were part of a quest will stay. Game Master monsters such as Qual will stay. A number of typos in various areas were fixed. I would like to fix all typos, so please let me know if you find any. Three new monsters added, the
Lesser Astral DrakeLesser Astral Drake,
VultureVulture, and
Large Death VermineLarge Death Vermine.
xbah! Still unupdated. Oh well, HWC had the flu all week anyway, so I didn't feel like doing a d*** thing. A bunch of new monsters, such as the vulture, Lesser Astral Drake, Ironwood Giant, Redwood Giant, Midnight Wendecka, and uh... nothing else. I'm going to probably take the "specials" section out soon. HWC's computer is in the shop now, so I can update more soon.
Damn, HWC for Worf went to Munich yesterday, so this won't be updated for a while. Anyway, I updated the index. My iMac is broken, too. If it's not fixed in a week, I'll begin to update the bestiary, though I cannot do any animations or stuff yet.
I lied, I did the Dredlock animation today. I'll continue animations two weeks from today, starting with Wendecka, then doing Darshak. They should come much quicker afterwards, as I know what I'm doing.
Updated the index. I'll redo the Orga Dredlock animation (graphic changed, as well as the original being screwy).
Updated the index, added the fourth healer test and third fighter test to the movies section. Still looking for a second circle healer passing, on Clan Lord, not Alchera. Updated a few minor errors on the bestiary. All bounties on 'Noths are gone, but I'm leaving them as is for now.
Updated the index.
Added the Decaying Vermine. 334 critters. [Edit: Creature since removed, as it is a special spawn only and not a standard creature.]
Added the Malted Bear to specials. 333 critters now. Updated the index. [Edit: Creature since removed, as it is a special spawn only and not a standard creature.]
Added the news archive, I should be archiving my news every few months now. I'll be back on my "every Friday" update again soon. Brown Sugar Bear and Nutmeg Bear added to specials. Updated the passers on the index to reduce main page size a little, but no week's graphic update until this Friday. I know updates were VERY slow, but I'll be back to normal now that winter break is over. Did a background for specials.