Fixed Herpetad typo, updated bear information, updated lyfe pictures, and other various typos.
Added the:

Crimson Arachnoid,
Pitch Arachnoid,
Albino Arachnoid,
Slate Arachnoid,
Ice Giant, and the
Vamprey (edit: now removed)
. 03-22-05:
New updated graphics (like the Common Vulture) and some updated information.

Updated some of the Arachnoid graphics, as well as a few other graphics (such as: the Meshra and Island Locust graphics).

Added the
Jade ArachnoidJade Arachnoid, and the
Emerald ArachnoidEmerald Arachnoid.

Updating once again. Looking for monsters to add first off. Also reorganizing my bestiary, fixing broken links, general updates.

Wow, it has been a long time. 2 and a half years since my last update. And this isn't an update, I'm just guessing you might look at this.

I'm gone, 5 months gone. Waaay gone. Handing this site over soon, got replies from people other than Kalian, the cat. (;p Kalian.)

I continue to not play Clan Lord much. [Redacted. June 2010.] If anyone wishes to take control of this page, please e-mail me at [Redacted. June 2010.]
In other news, I updated some of the graphics, fixed some tag errors, and fixed some wordings. Oh, and I cleaned up the links page a tad.
Rat (new)Rat (new graphic)
Vermine (new)Vermine (new graphic)
Winged Snake (new)Winged Snake (new graphic)
Carnivorous Tor (new)Carnivorous Tor (new graphic)
Ona Chigger (new)Ona Chigger (new graphic)

Bah. Forget it. I haven't played Clan Lord hardly at all in the past month. I don't know what silverback wendecka look like, or whatever the other kind besides elder and baby is. I might try to foist this off on someone in the future. Contact me at [edit: email later redacted] if you want to take over. Haven't updated the Ona Chigger graphic yet, either.
Baby WendeckaBaby Wendecka
Elder WendeckaElder Wendecka
Malachite ArachnoidMalachite Arachnoid
Olive ArachnoidOlive Arachnoid

Archived the past 8 months of news. Did some background stuff with adding the new monsters, but there's no way I'll finish and upload it today. Besides, HWC Worf is going to be in Germany for a while, so this won't be posted anyway. I also cleaned the links page a bit.