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If you are curious as to what the changes going on are, this link (removed) will show you how I'm progressing with the redesign. As you see (if it's working when you click it), there has been a style redesign along with the structure redesign. More changes to follow. (Later note: Link expired, update has propagated to the whole website).

Beta pages now loading out of mySQL and are dynamically generated. No public access yet.

And the restructuring actually begins. Hopefully you (the reader) should notice no difference for now. Everything's been PHP-ized, so now I just need to get it reading from mySQL. There should be no user-end difference from these changes (except I fixed a few typos and formatting errors). Actual functionality improvements coming... eventually.

The lyfelidae of Kizmia's Island have been sorted properly according to strength (from weakest->strongest). There were a few errors previously. More live sketches added.

Featured article on ThoomCare! Minor edits.

Many live sketches added (look around! Send in your own!). Made the backgrounds on many of the pages lighter, and thus more readable. So, hopefully no more eyestrain on the darker pages.

Added the Ethereal Chamelopod and Ethereal Skeletal. Many creature families updated for rangers who use this guide, and hopefully the separation of families is more obvious now. Ethereal section added. More live sketches added (see Yorillas).

Added the Walking Corpse and the Curate to the Undine section. Added hopefully all of the new Darshak (too many to picture), but have not added much information about them yet.

Added many live sketches. Updated a few entries. Did some work on the Darshak, but have not added new entries yet.

Added the Cave Chamelopod. I received information on all the new Darshak, but have not gotten around to updating the Darshak section yet. "Soon."

I was elevated to the status of Mystic only a handful of days ago, so I will be busy with attending to my duties when I have the time, rather than updating the bestiary to its new format (which I have worked on some, but not a lot). There was a massive Orga invasion the other day, and the Orga Petulant" showed itself. There are a couple other new monsters, but I do not feel they have been fully discovered, so I will wait some time before adding them here.

I have been very busy, and have not done much work on the bestiary's major overhaul (in part because restructuring the organization is dull to me). However, I do try and keep the creatures in the lands still. I do now believe that all of the creatures in the Orga Stronghold are listed, now that I have added the Orga Callock which avoided detection due to its similar appearance to the Direlock.

Error fixes, some missing sketches added. Koi removed. Sketches for Bluli, Nightli added (thanks Kumarajiva).
Curator added (thanks Rieger).

Initial public republication.

Nearly ready for initial (re)publication.

More minor fixes, updates, and rewriting. Shakyamuni has graciously offered to keep this bestiary at his puddleby.net address. Bestiary moved to its new and hopefully permanent home.

Draft put up for PAG and others to see. Darshak section cleaned up. Plant section still needs cleaning.

Many more new creatures added, clean sketches for nearly all creatures found. Many old creature sketches have been updated. Preliminary work on adding creature families based on ranger information. Some old writing has been updated.

Restructuring finished. Many creatures added (too many to list), preliminary work on rewriting and finding clean sketches for all the new creatures.

More massive structural changes, some more creatures put in the specials section.

Removed nearly all special invasion-only monsters from the bestiary and placed them in a special, hidden section that will not be referenced anywhere except right here. Special monsters will remain if they have a story attached, like Bartok or the Fenix. I also plan on restructuring the bestiary significantly. Likely, I will restructure it based on the clades established by rangers.
Whoops, took another year and a half break. Time to actually update. Past news archived.